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P&V: VAT cut on restaurants in France!

June 30, 2009 3:27 pm
posted by Simon

Here at P&V, we love sharing good news with our fellow Francophiles. And we have been very excited to hear that as of tomorrow (Wednesday 1st July 2009) VAT on all restaurants and cafés in France will be slashed from 19.6 per cent to 5.5 per cent leading to big savings for visitors to the country.


This means, you can save around 10% on every meal you eat when dining out whilst away. To break it down, a meal typically costing €15 (£13) will be reduced to around €13.20 (£11.40). The move aims to boost consumer spending in the busy summer period throughout France.

The government has come up with a list of a dozen everyday items that will benefit from the full reduction in VAT. This should include daily specials, basic entrées and desserts, plus coffee.


We think these VAT cuts will also be particularly welcomed during the upcoming ski season as us cash-strapped Brits look for more affordable options when heading to the Alps.


In the 2008/2009 season, French mountain resorts came under fire for their inflated prices, but it is hoped that this recent action by the French government will allow restaurateurs to reduce prices for the coming season.


We also spoke with Nicolas Rochedy who runs the Chabichou hotel and restaurant in Courchevel in France’s Three Valleys who says: “It is important for us to support British skiers, particularly in the current climate. From December, we will be passing on the VAT reductions to all of our customers. Although some products are exempt from the cut, such as alcohol, the majority of our most popular dishes will be reduced for the customer. Skiers will therefore notice that their lunchtime meal, bottled water and cup of coffee will be largely reduced from last year’s prices.


“As well as being able to reduce costs for the customer, the VAT reductions will also mean better service and salary increases for staff, as well as more employment at resorts. We therefore welcome the tax cuts as a way of both improving customer service and encouraging more visitors to the Three Valleys – a view that is shared by other hotels and restaurants in the region”.

Our P&V Eurobuster campaign compliments the latest drop in VAT prices, too. P&V offer self-catering apartments in many popular resorts in France, and we’re happy that customers will be able to rely on good value local restaurant food during their stay.


This summer, we’re basing our prices on the Euro to Sterling exchange rate of summer 2008 (£1 to €1.28), when holidays were around 22 per cent cheaper than earlier this month (£1 to €1.05). of up to 45% off all of our properties in the summer break.

The offer is available on all P&V properties on all dates, including the school summer holidays, up until November 2009. Discounts can also be combined with any other P&V offer currently available, including the 15 per cent early booking discount or the 20 per cent discount on stays over two weeks.

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