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How to Recycle in France – infographic

October 24, 2011 12:35 pm
posted by Sarah

Announcing our campaign to help Brits keep pistes and beaches pristine…

UK visitors to France during the last 12 months were among the worst culprits for not recycling or recycling incorrectly while on holiday, according to our recent resort study.

The survey completed by more than 100 resort and residence managers in locations throughout France, found that packaging in English and from British brands was more commonly disposed of incorrectly than waste from any other nation.

Our UK & Ireland sales and marketing director, Cathy Rankin said: “We don’t think that Brits are unwilling to recycle, rather that they don’t fully understand how it is done in France.

“We feel it’s important to help educate those staying in France with Pierre & Vacances to support French environmental initiatives looking to conserve energy and minimise landfill.”

In support of its campaign, Pierre & Vacances has created an infographic that advises visitors from Britain, Ireland and beyond on how to recycle correctly and holiday with low environmental impact in France.

The graphic communication will be widely distributed via social media, and there are further plans to roll it out to resort recycling areas  in resorts and send it to customers with their Pierre & Vacances booking confirmation.

Cathy Rankin, UK + Ireland Sales and Marketing Director, Pierre & Vacances

Rankin continued: “Not everyone would consider packing bags for life along with their ski equipment however the whole of France is now plastic bag-free, so they are an essential piece of kit for grocery shopping. We’re very proud to take the lead in developing properties with strong eco credentials in resorts such as Avoriaz, a completely car-free resort.”

Help us spread the responsible travel message: embed the Pierre & Vacances recycling France infographic using the following code:

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