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PV-Holidays still loves the 2CV 1948-1990

July 20, 2010 3:20 pm
posted by Rebecca

It’s been 20 years since the last Citroen Deux Chevaux rolled off the production line at the Mangualde factory in Portugal on July 27, 1990.

Here on the Pierre & Vacances blog, we are marking the anniversary by celebrating the iconic 2CV, the classic affordable French car with a big heart.

Hello Dolly – The 2CV is born!

Launched by Citroën in Paris in 1948. The engineer in charge was André Lefèbvre.

A utility vehicle aimed at rural French peasant farmers, principals at the heart of its design were low cost, ease of use and maintenance, adjustable suspension and an oversized sun roof/ removable rear seats for carrying large loads on and off-road.

Watch this video to find out more about the history of the 2CV:

Citroën Deux Chevaux – A design classic

The 2CV is still admired for its Bauhaus inspired bodywork and is truly a design classic. It is displayed in London’s Science Museum along side the Austin Mini and Volkswagen Beetle, affordable cars introduced around WWII which remained relevant and in use for decades.

The original nine horse power model ‘Snail’ produced a top speed of just 40 mph. Top speeds of 71 mph were not achieved until 1981.

Its low cost and fuel economy attracted different audiences over the years. Sales peaked in 1974 reinvigorated by the oil crisis of the same year. Latterly the car became more of a youth, green-lifestyle choice for hippies and bohemians with its retro styling attracting a cult audience during the 1980s.

The model design remained largely unchanged for decades with special editions such as the Dolly and Charlston celebrating its quirky curves with vibrant contrasting paint jobs.

A cultural icon – 2CV

Visit the 2CV Museum in Alsace

'Highlights from the history of the 2CV' - a 1967 Dutch brochure (thanks to CitCity)

Fans love the 2CV so much they even write songs about them….

The last 2CV…