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P&V: Insider guide to family holidays on the Costa Del Sol!

June 17, 2009 12:46 pm
posted by Simon

This week, our blog comes from Nick Vowles who has recently returned from the Costa Del Sol

I’m the web marketing manager for in the UK and Ireland. We’ve just opened some brand new P&V holiday apartment residences on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. So I thought it was time to roadtest them with the family.

New holiday accommodation on the Costa del Sol
P&V has 2 new holiday residences on the Costa del Sol; Pierre & Vacances Terrazas Costa del Sol Holiday Village in Manilva and the Pierre & Vacances Caledonia Golf Resort Estepona. As we are now a family of 4 with a 2 year old and a 6 month year old we plumped for the Holiday Village in Manilva.

The Pierre & Vacances Terrazas Costa del Sol Holida Village is located on the Gibraltar side of Manilva. Its well sign-posted off the A7. If you are travelling on the motorway don’t get off at the Manilva exit like we did, but go onto the next exit and then get onto the A7 headed back to Malaga. The site itself is located on a hill with fantastic views of the sea and the Rock of Gibraltar.


We booked a 2 bedroom apartment which was perfect for our needs. The apartments are nicely designed and spacious with massive terraces to enjoy the views and the weather. Most terraces are well shaded. Ours had great views of the pool, sea, and surrounding countryside. Plus it gave our toddlers lots to look at during dinner times and its easier to clean up the subsequent mess outside. Given we had one who was just starting solids and another who was potty training this was great news for Mum and Dad!


The 2 bedroom apartment had 2 bathrooms and all the necessary cooking equipment including dishwasher, microwave and hob. It also had aircon which was great to cool down the apartments before bedtime. The two sofas were comfy and had nice big cushions – perfect for building sofa tunnels for Fred, our 2 year old. There was a TV in the apartment but only with Spanish channels – not that it bothered Fred. Mum and Dad were happy with the views, music and a chance to read a few pages of our books.


The Terrazas Costa del Sol Holiday village is brand new. As a result all the staff were incredibly friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. The pool and surrounding garden are beautiful and there’s both a kiddie pool and play area in the grounds. There’s a lovely air-conditioned restaurant which does a buffet breakfast between 8 and 10 in the morning and evenings. And there is also a poolside snack bar which is open between 10 and 10. We used this quite a lot, it does a nice selection of well priced meals which can be adapted for the little ones. Fred loved the Spag Bol. At 5 Euros so did Mum and Dad, especially as Dad got to finish off the huge portion.


Though there are supermarkets quite closeby they are opening up a mini-market on site. It should be open by July. In terms of supermarkets head either way from the residence on the A7 and you will soon come across a number of supermarkets which are well sign-posted. The closest is called Eroski. The best is the Carrefour which is the Marbella side of Estepona. Though most are closed on Sundays the reception team helpfully advised us that there is a supermarket open 24-7 at Estepona port.

Children’s activities
There are separate children’s clubs for age ranges from 3 – 18 which operate from 10 to 12 in the morning and 4 till 6 in the afternoon. Though Fred is only 2 they were happy for us to accompany him to the club, and he loved it, particularly the play house and the trampoline. The organisers are really friendly, enthusiastic and speak excellent English.

One of the big events each night is the mini-disco at 9.30pm. We would have loved to get our little ones involved but they are just a little too young – maybe next year! This year we let the kids sleep while we watched from the balcony over a bottle of Rioja!

There are also lots of activities for the adults, one of the most popular being aqua aerobics which we all joined in!

In terms of informal activities both Fred and Mum and Dad met lots of other parents and their toddlers around the kiddie pool. Because there are people from lots of different countries it has quite a cosmopolitan feel – Fred made great friends with a little French girl called Matilde!

One of the real plus points is the beach closeby. There is a regular shuttle in the morning and afternoon but we chose to take the car to give us a bit more flexibility. I cannot rave about this beach enough – it was amazing. Locally its known as ‘rock beach’ so its not a sandy beach, but because the pebbles are quite small (we come from Brighton) Fred didn’t mind it at all.


And of course, no sand anywhere means no sand everywhere! It was really easy to keep Fred entertained on the beach. There are lots of rocks alongside the coast so lots of rock pools to explore plus little mini sea pools to play in. P&V provide free parasols and deckchairs plus a great drink and snack bar with table service.


It can get a bit windy on the hill, so on these days we headed for the beach which wasn’t so bad.

Pierre & Vacances Caledonia Golf
While in the area we dropped by the Pierre & Vacances Caledonia Golf. It’s a great residence for those wanting to be a bit closer to Estepona and Marbella. Being an aparthotel it’s a bit more like a 4* hotel, with spa, indoor pool, gym and a huge restaurant. The rooms are really stylish and the pool area is just as good as the Costa del Sol Holiday Village. There is also a children’s club on site and Fred loved the cute little play area and pool.

Surrounding Area
There’s a huge amount to do in the area but you definitely need a car to explore. We had numerous outings to Estepona which has a lovely sandy beach and lots of restaurants plus an amazing outdoor play area for children on the front. Fred loved this and the toy bus opposite which must have been his highlight of th
e holiday. Closer by is Sabinillas, which also has a lovely sandy beach and a selection of restaurants on the front. Marbella and Porte Banus aren’t far away either.


More information
All the information on both residences can be found on We are running an amazing deal for UK and Irish residents at the moment where you can get at least 22% off all dates and residences and up to 45% off selected properties and dates.

At Pierre & Vacances Terrazes Costa del Sol prices start from 315 Euros a week for a 1 bedroom apartment and from 370 Euros a week for 2 bedroom apartments.

At Pierre & Vacances Caledonia Golf residence prices start from 372 Euros a week for a 1 bedroom apartment and 435 Euros a week for 2 bedroom apartments.

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